The C.O.R.E Leadership Development Model

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How powerful is your leadership brand? Do you have what it takes to lead? Are you ready to take your personal growth and development to the next level? With a little coaching and motivation, you can step up and step out of your comfort zone, and become the leader that God designed and created you to be. In the CORE Leadership Development Model, #1 Amazon bestselling Christian author Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF describes her new step-by-step approach to leadership development. Using her 30+ years of military, government, and industry experience coupled with biblical truths, Dr. Gillam awakens the leadership giant in all of us. Her passion for developing leaders is evident in every page of the book. By reading this dynamic and powerful book, you will learn: • A simple, step-by-step approach to unleashing your leadership potential • How to use your natural gifts and talents to develop a powerful leadership brand • How to unmask the leadership potential hidden inside of uncommon leaders • How to execute courage over fear and become the leader that others want to follow If you are ready to LEAD – This book is for YOU!